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Why not name assassin as assassinator in Blade and Soul


  Now have a lot of players feel the sword spirit assassin in the process of team a copy of the play to the role of the less than too much, often can only do fly a smokescreen, throw the sword in his hand the “chores” role.

  Everyone happy to think that the main task of the sword spirit assassin is simple the Y key combo when bidding. But in fact the assassin has the ability to have a lot of effect.

  In remote release poison or cast bleeding effect, for example, use smoke widespread resistance to the enemy’s attack at a distance and so on. And assassin skills against senior named creeps tend to play a key role.

  If a team against BOSS without “assassins” will make a different strategy.

  So why cannot named assassin as assassinator?

  In fact, there is only one reason, that is output.

  Normally the outbreak of assassin only output timing is after its master sword spirit, release wear heart skills.

  Before its cast master assassin is only used at most of the time three combo attack, sword in hand, poison, bleeding means of attack.

  In the early stage, if you want to be popular within the team, you’d better buy some Blade and Soul gold to improve your equipments and trigrams.

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