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Which secondary profession is the most profitable


  Uniting the best is to practice your main account, after all, you can’t every moment to check the material price fluctuation in the auction house, uniting the time pick a spirit stone consumption practice, as far as possible do bag, of course you have good luck, suggest or do selling the actual. The money invest according to the current market is about 200 blade & soul gold.

  Sage-king don, is given priority to do trigrams unsealed operator .Money is not much, this occupation around 50 blade & soul gold. Uniting the advice upfront what need spirit stone material, don’t make spirit stone, after all, is not a cheap material.

  Pottery, made of materials basic it is necessary to other professional practice, including buy extension to level 30 and chapter 9, it cost about 60 gold. Suggest that early practice do collect with hoes and bowl, after all, the cost is low. Later learned what do after extended chapter 9 extended market demand is extremely high.

  Too the door, give priority to do trigrams synthetic brand. This profession practice the level consume no more than 40 gold. I practice this profession not spending too much gold is expanded own required in chapter 8, 9 and all done, the late major synthetic brand to give priority to do list. Of course you also can do it according to the market development of synthesis of trigrams.

  Iron lane, is given priority to do to repair the hammer. The professional basic need not invest can make gold. Uniting the whole do repair hammer, especially from the level of 16-20, 36 to 39 of the hammer is more expensive, suggested that do not add experience to pick something else to do.

  Flavor door, do steamed stuffed bun, also have do with dragon soup. I really don’t recommend this job training, basic can’t make gold. Uniting the whole do steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun can only do it to do more advanced do steamed stuffed bun and selected senior.

  Do you know how to choose? In fact, all career can make gold, of course, you can buy blade & soul gold from us directly.

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