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Under high latency how to hit high outbreak


  According to my personal understanding of the outbreak of the swordsman from floating empty. How to play the more and faster floating empty is the problem we are faced.

  There are two ways to empty.

  First, the block against shock, irreversible, direct floated even or irreversible, weak stun BOSS, floating in the air even period.

  Second, the proud floated. Output plan: in the block after the shock wave that even after the lightning cut, two sword out, pick a glimmer, and then the proud beheaded, continue to float even empty paragraph, romantic knife after landing, open imperial sword, sword even beheaded.

  This method, circulating for double floating empty (anti floating empty, chop + a flash of lightning, proud to cut floating empty), a single floating empty (anti floating empty, proud to cut at this time in CD), double floating null, a single floating empty space is the BOSS between, to join the monomer draw out a sword, the routines, damage is very handsome, and don’t need to flat cut, from Cheng to the asura town the third boss is feasible.

  In fact, with good equipment and skillful operation, any boss can you kill. If you want to buy some Blade soul gold, please let us know and we will provide you with the lowest price.

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