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Tournament analysis spirit swordsman and assassin slightly exaggerated


  The new season has been open for three days.

  Although time is short, but can be predicted basicly through the player’s odds state over the next few weeks.

  The spirit sworsman ranking the first, with a orange legend weapon, with a 94.64% winning percentage ranked first.

  However, the sixth assassin is exaggerated, 95.12% of the winning percentage.

  South Korea hidden nose adornment that female swordsmen ranks the 23, is currently ranked the highest swordsman, I often see she in February in god tower PK with others, strength is very strong, when she is only 1900, but after the explosion about 2200 players.

  Boxer is currently the highest ranking of 24, with the 23 swordsman, these two winning percentage is 74% and 69%.

  Unlike in the past, kungfu master in the emergence of the season, two people in the top 20, respectively ranked the 8th and 12th, special said the 8th, is in the top 10 except spirit swordsman and assassin the only third career. Both of their average winning percentage is about 67%.

  Force master is also a lot of bright spots, but a 66.98% winning percentage is not high, but once upon a time in 50 force master of location to see number is very few before, I’m afraid the future can hold 20 it is difficult.

  Established summoner performance also is not very good at present, only top 20.

  In the top 20, 40% is spirit swordaman, 40% is the assassin, even scored 9 position in the top 10, still maintained a strong lead.

  What about do you also want to ranking in the top 10 or even top 3, you can buy the top weapon at Blade soul gold, let Blade soul gold help you to get a place at the ranking list.

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