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Tips you must know about Blade and Soul


  1: [Career choice], you can follow their own favorite to elect, however when create a character, do not forget to look at the occupation difficult to get started! At the early stage, if you want to be easier, you can choose the summoner and the kungfu master. Select the boxer type of just being told you says the master to the occupation, you pre-road go very hard, because this type of career began at 20 and then will be powerful!

  2: The Chong Kok groups and bamboo forest guard clothes hostile camps clothes do not make wearing, otherwise wear at any time by the player or NPC kill. Part of the camp clothes does not matter.

  3: [All tasks together in], do not do one! The colored area of the map is the corresponding area of the task!

  4: [Do not just change equipment], in the game someone changed for thousands of soul. In fact, something very worth thousands of soul! But very practical, especially trigram can be brought to the medium-term, but see watch the things before the transaction can not be traded! Do not hit anything blindly very valuable has been said scraper change things! As for the green quality equipment also said you wish to change, such as the of what copper Cestus like absolute laughing stock! Focus! Only reach 16 Blade and Soul gold can be used only after the trading function! You with novice-level equipment? After 30 things before little trade value! Only after the material reaches the full level can buy a good price, almost anything is not worth the money! Do motionless on deposit point since that terrible things the scraper that said change! Do not be silly and too naive!

  5: In the game, be sure to find a few good based friends! Best, because in reality there is no long-term with the team to think about artillery orchid or sea endless and that is a joke!

  6: After 16 level can you use the mail.

  7: Pre many copy are simple personal, not at the door has been calling group.

  8: If you hit my first senior copy suddenly thunder generals inside the blue things are decisive. Purple inside the basic quality!

  9: Gem this kind of thing is not a treasure! It’s rubbish!, Especially the green quality, blue quality was meager little better.

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