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Tips for Blade & Soul players

Fatigue system
There is a Fatigue System in Blade & Soul CN version to prevent leveling too quickly. What make for this system is the ability to save vigor for a day to carry over into the next. Click on the dragon head icon at the bottom of the screen.

Even if you are out of vigor, you can still do activities without exp gaining. Daily quests are still available to you. Vigor resets at 6AM GMT+8 along with dailies.

Blade and Soul Gold
Get your first purple weapon from the fortune wheel.
At the early of the game, you can get your first blue weapon which is used to feed your first purple weapon that yo can get from the fortune wheel.

Daily quests are your best friends.
After level 16, what your mainly to do is daily quest. You can get valuable items such as keys and poison vials from daily quest. Also, you are likely to get treasure boxes which can give you a number of valuable items you need as you progress. Or you have to buy Blade and Soul gold to get them. Daily quests are marked on the map with a blue arrow with an infinity symbol.

Bopae effectively work as your equipment sans accessories and weapons.
Blade & Soul bopae system allows players to look how they want when having the stats they need. Make sure to refine all bopae you get but don’t need. You will need the essences later to enchant your bopae with your prefered stats.

You first get gems around level 14~15.
Around level 14-15, you will get your first foray into the wide world of gems. A particular frog boss drops gem boxes in this area.

Crafting/gathering is mostly done passively, and should be picked up ASAP.
Crafting in Blade & Soul is similar to some other F2P MMOs. Upgrading to higher levels in your chosen sub professions is a long endeavor.

Red quests are faction quests.
You will gain a special faction-only uniform after you choose your faction at level 16 or so. In order to join in faction quests, you must wear this uniform, or the NPCs will not appear. You are able to attack players of the opposing faction withe the faction gear on.

You can change your faction.
At level 20, you are able to change your faction via an NPC who allows you to do so for a fee. Your faction affects the guilds you can join, who you PvP against, and a number of other factors. Make to join the same faction as your friends if you intend to join or make a guild with them.

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