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Tips for Blade & Soul Beginners 2


As I wrote the first part for Blade & Soul players, here I want to update it for some new tips. Hope players can enjoy this game!

1.Daily quests are of great importance

Daily quests are quite important as the liquid to the potato stew and meat which is gear grinding in Blade and Soul, which you have to do most of the time after leveling to 16.

Daily quests not only supply you with treasure boxes which can give you a great many valuable items needed with your progressing, but also give valuable items like keys and Poison Vials.

The blue arrows with an infinity symbol on the map are the plot of daily quests. What you are tracking have a green text bubble close to the quest name in your quest tracker. You can use Blade and Soul Gold to buy blue arrows for you.

2.when you're in a rush, the party finder is convenient
To get a party together usually need to be run by a fun 4 or 6 players’ party, the party finder dragon statue is not always the most efficient way. While it is quite good for farming some in game minor dungeons when you just need on or two other players.

When walking up to the party finder, just press ‘F’, either you will be matched with any player who register after you, or you are immediately matched with other player in the area who registered with finder.

3.Bopae effectively work as your equipment sans accessories and weapons
The Bopae system in Blade & Soul allows you to look what you want when having the stats you need. Choose your sets based on your needs and preferences.

Make sure to refine all bopae you receive but don’t need. Later you will need the essence to enchant your bopae with your preferred stats.

4.Pick up Crafting/gathering as they are mostly done passively
When you want to crafted or gathered, the Craftring is done for you. Leveling to high level for sub profession choosing is a long way, which need much time and endeavor.

5.Pay attention to when ask you to press a particular key
Some quests in Blade & Soul in low levels may require you to press a key, usually ‘T’, or perferm an example task or look at it. If you are asked to perform a particular task, the required will be highly lighted to make you know what to do.

6.You will get the first gems around level 14~15.
Around the 14-15 level, you will get your first foray into the wide world of gems, which was dropped by a particular frog boss in this area.
Your first foray into the wide world of gems comes about around the aforementioned levels. A particular frog boss drops gem boxes in this area.

7.You are allowed to change your faction.
The first time that you are allowed to change your faction is around your level 20 through an NPC that allow you to do by charging a fee. Your faction have an effect on the guide you can join, some other factors and who you PvP against. If you mean to join or make a guide with your friends, make sure to join the same faction as them.

Hope these tips are helpful for your journey on Blade & Soul.

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