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Tips for Blade & Soul Beginners 1

With the new Blade and Soul coming around the corner, I want to share some tips for Chinese players when choosing to play this game.

1. Every server will give you different ping.
Different servers has different pins. There are different Blade and Soul CN’s servers located in different areas of the country so that your ping varies from one to another. Kindly remind you of having some active English communities than others.

2. Use the English patch
It is recommended players to download a community-made English patch on Blade and Soul Dojo.

3. Fatigue and dailies reset at 6AM GMT+8.

To save your unused fatigue accordingly and make a plan for your dailies based on this rule. There is a fatigue system to prevent from leveling too fast in Blade & Soul. To make up for the fatigue system, you need to know the ability to save your unused vigor for a day to carry over into the next by clicking on the dragon head icon at the bottom of the screen.

When having vigor, your XP and the dragon head turn blue. It turns purple when you use saved vigor. And it turns gray when running out of vigor.

If you accidentally click the dragon head when you mean to go on playing, just click it again to resume gaining experience. Even though out of vigor, you can still apply activities outside of gaining experience. And you can also complete daily quests. Vigor resets at 6AM GMT+8 along with dailies.

4.Get your first purple weapon from the fortune wheel
There is a feeding/evolution system in Blade & Soul system. When you get the first blue blue, use it for feeding your first purple weapon that can be received from the fortune wheel. Keep in mind this feeding and evolution system is also present in accessories. You can Blade and Soul Gold from BNFGoldSell.com for the lowest price and fastest transaction to purchase accordingly weapons for you!

5.F8 opens your dungeon finder
If you want to do a dungeon but don’t want to wait for people wander by the local party finder dragon, press F8 and you will be take to the Cross-serve dungeon finder screen.

Kindly remind you that only be in queue for five minutes at a time and can’t join in other activities when waiting for joining a party. The fast-scrolling chat to the left is just like an LFG.

6. Red quests are faction quests.
When your faction at level 16 or so, a special faction-only uniform will be given to you. And you must wear it to partake in faction quests, or the NPCs won’t appear. You can attack players of the opposing faction while you are in this faction. When getting tired, just switch to another outfit.

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