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Three methods for swordsman to avoid the fire from asura


  When you reach a certain degree of output can be to challenge the asura the 3rd empty shadow, why a certain attack, because if there are not enough output, then asura will amplify the ice, if asura put two large ice that you basically can lay, when output enough, asura wouldn't release frost big move and would only put the fire.

  Then how to avoid the fire?

  Here I put forward three solutions for you:

  First: take medicine, it works in many situations. Once you have medicine then take it, leave it will make no effect.

  Second: QE into heaven then SS to hide. It’s the most practical one.

  Third: hiding in the corner.

  Which method will you take? If you do not have enough output, you can buy blade soul gold, to get more powerful weapons, more suitable trigrams sets.

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