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Thorough analysis of the 24 players copy storms sea base


  Contrast with the early storms sea base: 24 players copy, map base is the sea snakes, entrance has changed.

  It also can accommodate 24 players game field at the same time a large map, there are four boss, 4 humanistic looks the same as sea snakes, boss skills changes slightly, greatly increased health!

  And there are three hide boss, then the boss ray: kill the first, and the second or the third appeared immediately, force master humanoid boss immediately appeared, and the one is the hide Westlands struck after 100% of boss (a total of three types: ink king, highly toxic evil spirits, cold chan turtles, crocodiles tortoise king).

  Items drop: 45 blue weapons (easy to get) : the highest attack 195, blue sea snakes trigram, purple 45 Westlands

  weapons (easy to get) : attack is 198, to the 209, 231 or even 245 which occurrence probability of decreased with increasing attack. Shot to kill the shadow hiding boss will drop the corresponding purple special weapon!

  Process of the copy: fixed copy boss1.2.3, a period of time after each kill a refresh resurrection, final boss Westlands refresh schedule. To satisfy two conditions: one is slew number 1.2.3 respectively 2 times, the second is last from Westlands death about an hour!

  Now the copy has not come out yet, we still have time to prepare for it. Why not buy some Blade soul gold to get some more powerful weapons and trigrams sets?

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