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This week 3v3 specific circumstance in Blade and Soul


  First of all, the boxer ranked first, total 5 people, performance much better than last week, also has good grades in single, says a boxer PK don’t decline.

  Summoners ranking the second place, the total number of 5 people, now in a team there are lots of summoners, the former was abandon career in copy, in the team competition firmly holding their position.

  To spirit swordsma, the total number of drop from nine to five person, and last week, the top 4 grades were destroyed, best this week is the fourth.

  Force master in total 3 people, have a place, its in a team game or a good teammate, a durable and controllability of teammates want to everybody.

  Assassin 2 people, a team inside the harassment and control, and cooperate with his teammates is quite sharp.

  Kungfu master and swordsman are not on the list, swordsman is still difficult to into the team, kungfu master team are more likely to be aimed at, comparing the high output of kungfu master is in need of a good environment.

  Want to take a place in the pvp, not only need you to have good equipment, but also need you to take more exercise to improve your skills. If you are in need of Blade soul gold, remember to refer to the gold page.

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