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The strongest output outbreak boxer cramps boxing tutorial


  What is cramps boxing? Cramps boxing is fast release skills like cramps.

  What about its premise? First your fingers to be flexible fast, quick reaction, and then internal forces.

  Cramps boxing method 1: First, your star or full EEQQ hand, you want to smoke or two you can not do so much preparation, not so good in the real precondition, first with a casual skills to such and then speed press 1 and you will find that with even strokes as convergence, then here faster, press 1 skills when 1 skills excessive 2 skills triggered public CD time to so blade & soul gold can find 212. 121 can be connected on, or right 1 314121Z1 addition to left-1 will interrupt other you are free to not read the article, as well as V ~ personal recommended 2 (-3 internal forces) 1 (-1 internal forces) 2 (-3 internal forces) 1 (-1 internal force) right (+2 internal forces) 1 (-1 internal forces) internal forces (-3) even move, you need to consider is: block skills back the 5 internal forces ~ QE dodge skills back to the internal force of ~ 2 crit no consumption issues, so with the back 3 internal force of weapons is a good choice.

  Cramps boxing method 2: 1 and 2 at the same time! Remember the press found only the skills that can be used at the same time small bug, 1X what skills are possible to press together, and then you also have to consider the issue of internal forces, internal forces without cramps to 12 and would like cramps if you press the timing was right to parry attacks, and that the internal forces you back just the right.

  Boxer cramps boxing skills is actually more to improve the number back to the internal forces under several attacks making skills to put out unlimited.

  Skill is important, so do the equipments, if you want to buy the latest equipmet but lack of gold, you must remember us to buy blade & soul gold.

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