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The output of the swordsman exploration


  As the main T, relative to the integration of offensive and defensive boxer, I’ve talked above into swordsman gesture mode is striking, how to T while output in the battle is a matter which is more difficult than boxer.

  So, output in the clearance is very important to swordsman!

  If you committed to the research gap output in this direction, then when you are T, with the same equipment of other professional is never OT, I’m an example.

  As far as possible at the highest efficiency output to take advantage of your clearance time is very important.

  Requirement is to order BOSS skills, the master of time, and trigger an earthquake effects.

  Swordsmen of explosive output mode:

  Down under a flash 3 times

  The lightning chop of weak state

  Weakness, dizziness, floated under a set of goals: heaven stray click + l + dragon

  A proud single control proud to cut a single target: + l + dance dragon

  Swordsman normal output mode:

  Main output mode:

  Block + chop + thrust into heaven or draw out a sword.

  If the target skills cannot be against earthquake or against earthquake fault should be considered in the following order for:

  Counter attack + draw out a sword cut + weaknesses attack + lightning infinite +draw out a sword to anti shock next time.

  A flash 3 times.

  Thrust to no internal force + romantic dao (if you still have 1 2 internal force is not enough to use punched) + imperial sword even beheaded

  Infinite sword out

  Pretty knife + imperial sword even beheaded

  Imperial sword even beheaded

  Flat to cut

  Before playing without deliberately requirements can better use the premise is not normal delay chop + thrust into heaven.

  Above is the main output of the swordsman, if you want to get the highest output, you’d better buy some Blade soul gold to get some more powerful equipments.

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