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The new version summoners data change in detail


  - Number of summoning BUFF and DEBUFF change to five, and set the size of the logo the same.

  - The call beast attack in the martial arts impact and meow ~ meow ~ bomb, meow ~ curled fighting skill can try immediately.

  - The call beast general martial arts using natural time shortened.

  - After correction of creeping weed kung fu is used, other martial arts trial,'creeping weed animation to disappear first.

  - Correct green bristlegrass fighting skill and attack to the enemy’s situation, summoning battle to lift.

  The first is the UI changes, can gain the effect observation meow

  Second this solved perplex the summoner headache meow microphones all dull, turns out to have a hard straight response after pressing the key skills will only release the skill, it is used immediately!

  The third does not explain, CD is shorter.

  The fourth is kind of visual bug fix.

  Fifth skill is said after the release will bounce off the monster, and terminate the meow battle, darling back to follow around, but didn’t stay darling, from private beta start hiring back will run past die repair now.

  To balance the game, the official will make some change at regular intervals, anyway, with enough Blade soul gold, you can buy all the equipments, jewelry and trigrams you want. Good luck.

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