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The need of copy farming analysis for novice


  Farming, since it is for novice is required. In fact, I have always thought that the farming is the fun of difficulty copy. Blade & soul gold is a copy of the fault-tolerant rate is very low in the game, which give the farming team unlimited fun, discuss how to fight, it’s really a pleasure.

  Here blade & soul gold share my personal feelings, difficult replica major forums raiders, but do not think this information is useful to you. This is a personal experience, sometimes a copy also hit the country, the next task, all have to see the video to see the raiders play a night, the result? Looks around are confused on their own experience is slowly lay the corpse out to explore. You’re not in the move you do not know the BOSS moves, watching video, not the performances of the past master, is to look at the BOSS moves, decomposition want countermeasures.

  In addition there are many videos are virtuoso, not to mention raiders, appreciate look like you do not see is the god of equipment, practice makes perfect, in time, each player are God give you a Hualan Wu + gossip any of the following sea snake can be singled out. Blade & soul gold revenant can be done, done more you reaction and hand young in speed. So do not blindly follow the trend of the past master is conditional, you bring him to 161 + spirits and trigram singled four big copy, he will fall down just like you.

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