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The most popular classes for PVP in Blade and Soul


  Blade and Soul (KR) Duel Season 3 started last week. By 11:00 am on March 12th, we can see Duel Rank 1v1 Top 20. This is the duel details.

  Assassin ranks first and the total number is 9.

  Lyn Blade Master ranks second and third and the total number is 8.

  Summoner: 2 - relatively low ranking

  Force Master: 1 - relatively low ranking

  From the list we can see that classes like Assassin and Lyn Blade Master that are strong in 1v1 almost take all places of top 20 and other classes are hard to get on the list. Kungfu Master and Destroyer which had a great performance in last week now are at their lowest after the start of this season and none appears on the list. For Blade Master with low stats in duel, we don’t need to explain more.

  With all kinds of controls, combos and stealth skill, Assassin is hard to defeat. As to Lyn Blade Master, he has powerful Invincible, health regen and a set of skill (under the control of Chi Choke) that can absolutely hit the target. But now Chi Choke is disabled and you can use escape skill when being caught. It’s very powerful when Summoner’s Dandelion Seed and Hornet cooperate with Ruby Gem.

  As for Destroyer, although he has high defense, since the health regen of Iron Wall is disabled and the time of duel changes to 5 minutes, it takes time to consume enemy HP. The output after casting Force Master’s Chilled is horrible. Cooperate it with Chi Choke. The master who can control ice is aggressive. The best defense is offense and this is well reflected on Force Master.

  As for Kungfu Master, though he has all kinds of dodge skills, his biggest weakness is the lack of attack skills. The popularity of defense stream makes it hard to maintain the inner chi of Kungfu Master (low critical strike hit chance). Like Kungfu Master, skill cooling-down of Blade Master with high damage is too long and he’s lack of controls. When Blade Master with skills of high damage faces another Blade Master with defense items, the latter is hard to win.

  As defense stream is quite hot currently on Korea Server duel, players’ items are almost the same. Moreover, the appearance of legendary weapons has a great influence in the duel. The BUFF effect of legendary weapons is very powerful, tactic, class advantage and weapon advantage are indispensible if you want to dominate the top position permanently.

  Now do you know how to choose your career now, if you still do not know, blade & soul gold can give you more reference for help.

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