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The most efficient way to make Blade and Soul gold

When you play a game, the most important thing is to get as many coins as you except for power leveling. This is a guide about Blade and Soul gold making. If you learn some skills in this guide, you will find it really quite efficient.

Blade and Soul in game is a good thing but quite hard task. The fight is not the money. And Blade and Soul gold is harder and harder to get. Actually, in my opinion, if you use the right methods, earning BNS gold is not so hard.

1.Use the Stock business.

You can use silver for gold and then sell materials and call the yellow basket mounted sotnes and so on.
The price of advanced materials were flat in gold. It makes no difference. The sale to open a trumpet call from the yellow basket mounted and precious stones, it could be 20-30L much richer within an hour.

2.Play Boss or strange yellow
Before the appearance, the new version of boss are prompted. It is not so likely that there are many players using boss fight to make Blade and Soul gold.

3.Reselling things.
This way is to make the income and not so efficient. You need to take sufficient time and capital, but also on the market very well. If you don’t know the price, you may sell good thins in low price. If you want to use reselling things to make money, your should know the market very well in advance.

4. Use Auction House
Go to the auction house and open an auction window with this website. Make sure all of the checks boxes are checked on the left. Click the scan button Blade soul gold at the bottom of the window. The internet will scan all of the auctions currently on the auction house and record their prices.

4.Normal upgrade to fight monsters
It is wiser to make group to upgrade as it is quite fast and efficient, also profitable. Though it seems quite violence, it is quite able to recover the cost of drug money. And it needs some materials and precious stone.

5.Run business.

If you are high level players, you can run business to make money. It only takes 45 minutes to finish three times and earn blade and soul gold. When changed to money, it is 12 dollars or so.

You can buy Blade and Soul Gold from BNSGoldSell.com, we promise it is fast delivery and safe!

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