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The defense fighting skill in Blade and Soul


  Mentioned defense fighting skill, defensive martial is an important part of the defense mechanism in Blade and Soul, it depends on your level of consciousness. Since this is instability, so its role and defense attribute is different, is need to be predicting.

  This is the place that reflects the ability of players, and is also the essence of the game. Constant defensive attributes plus the uncertainty of martial arts, and determines a numeric value, it is the so called error-tolerant rate.

  When it comes to defense fighting skill of Blade and Soul, quantity is very large. Counting all defensive fighting skill, we know some of them or more of the following skills, adopt the same effect was I referred to as a defense.Counting defense as we know, you can remember those kinds? Here listed all the defense of Blade and Soul: block, avoidance, counterattack, resistance, anti shock.

  I subdivide them in detail according to their source, from the players themselves as endogenous defensive tools: avoidance, block (passive), block (active), counterattack, resistance (endogenous) and anti shock.

  While exogenous has two kinds: counterattack and resistance. However, there is a special kind of resistance, can not share exogenous: remote resistance.

  Make good use of the defense fighting skills, cooperate with top weapon, I’m sure, any BOSS is easy for you to deal with, but if you are lack of Blade and Soul gold, never mind, we will help you to get some with the cheapest price.

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