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The converging skill introduction in the copy


  In Blade and Soul, it is very important to control the boss. And to control the BOSS, you need in to cast two same negative state to the boss in a short period of time.

  Negative state is generally divided into repel, knocked down, dizziness, weakness, pressing, paralysis, freeze, deceleration, floated, etc. However the professionals can interrupt the boss, the current action only repel, knock down, dizziness, weakness.

  When you cast on boss skills with a knockout, boss will be a green shadow fall on the ground, when your teammates just to keep up with the one with a knockout skills, knocked down his boss can success! And negative effect of the most simple identification is to see the color recognition to keep up with the converging attack skills.

  Such as knock-green, dizziness-blue, repel-yellow, weakness-red .

  When we understand the usage of the converging skills, let’s take a look at the below of the converging skills how to use: (there are a lot of usages, these are only for instance)

  1. Such as ray absorption, sucked it’s impossible to resist, this time would need you to cooperate with a converging attack skill to help his teammates to erase.

  2. Mates with a converging attack and BOSS, force master to lift (plus how much talent for 6 seconds or forget), you can play out this time.

  3. There are a lot of the converging skills using the method, also please contact groped version a lot of friends, and any copy of this can be easily created.

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