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The Combat System and PvP of Blade & Soul are really amazing

With the Blade & Soul's Closed Beta 4 ending, Blade & Soul gets attention from all over the world’s players. Many players think it will be the most popular MMORPG in 2016. This article is to share some of the feedback from testing players.

Some players really want to get the Blade & Soul Master Package as they have been fans of NCsoft for years. The combat and environment are so amazing so that they fell into love with this game at the first moment. They are quite satisfied with its action-oriented battle system, forming a guild with friends, and joining the adventure with them after years of waiting for official Blade & Soul.

The combat system and PvP in game are amazing. Some players said they were very excited about about the combat system and PvP in Blade and Soul! It's very different to other games and makes this game a lot more fun and challenging! The thing they are most excited for in Blade & Soul must be the epic PvP, after playing the three EU combat I must say its a blast! Would like to get into a top ranking, participate in a tournament, and maybe even play in worlds. It feels like a hack'n'slash game while still being an MMO and having its fantasy elements. Combat and just general movement are amazingly and dynamically animated and it just feels so good to watch and play. The pvp in Blade and Soul is what they are most excited about. It's based on timing and chaining combos in all sorts of different ways.

Some players think this is an amazing game play, great lore, great graphics and a combat system different from what they are used to see! Blade & Soul has huge potential to get big. Hopefully everyone spreads good comments about it so more people will come. Everything is amazing with Blade & Soul, the art style is stunning, the freedom of movements is incredible and the combat system is dynamic and addictive. The arena in both 1v1 or 3v3 is what I'm looking forward the most because it's a lot of fun especially with friends! This game definitively was worth the wait.

Some others say the story line of Blade and Soul is enough to keep them hooked, the animations are blasting, the game play is epic, and the effects are mesmerizing. The whole game is a big milkshake.

Indeed, many players are excited about the whole game. They have been waiting this game for years to come to west. The ideea of the ''bopae''(soulshield) to be the ''gear'' is nice, so we can wear what outfit we wish, without messing up our stats. Having a lot of fun in PvE, love the idea of none healing class, so every class can solo almost everything after you master it! Can't wait to play it !

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