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Teammate can bring the dead one back to life


  With level rise, in order to get good equipment, you may join the team to clear a copy in the game, but on our way to copy, often suffered a fatal blow.

  As long as the climb to safety, use luck pranayama is OK, but if attacked when luck pranayama, luck will be over in a matter of pranayama, characters will die.

  When teammates around its resurrection skills system to bring you back to life.

  Living teammate near the death, click on the F key can launch a resurrection skills (much like internal work healing).

  Resurrection skills takes 8 seconds cast time, namely in the hunter cannot use pranayama, luck also can be raised at any time.

  After resurrection, due to physical appear very bottom condition, you need to hurry up to recover through food. Then you can once again into the battle.

  Therefore, 4 people team copy, if there is a person under the death also can save others, general will not result in a ace.

  In Blade and Soul, all professionals can help others to get resurrection. Anyway, if you are in need of Blade and Soul gold, you can refer to us for help. We will try our best to serve you.

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