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Swordsman normal copy general talent


  Split the sword type 2 layers of reinforcement, bleeding: a compulsory.

  Swordsmen housekeeping skills, please note that this ability not only to strengthen the effect of bleeding and improve the blasting wind base damage.

  Pretty knife series: take, if you want to use reinforcement to heal 2 layer.

  Hot wheels improved - reset dash CD: after the update, 5 layers.

  Higher-order swordsmen are required.

  It is of course the back within 7 + 15.

  Sting is 2 layers of reinforcement - cooldown reduced: required.

  If brush with small spiders can consider points out 3 layer reinforcement is the OP.

  Imperial sword even cut reinforcement: a compulsory, increasing gap output capacity.

  Shoulder bump reinforcement: a compulsory, swordsmen meal on this.

  Lightning cut 2 layers of reinforcement, additional damage: a compulsory, increase output

  Full moon to cut 3 phase weak effect: a compulsory.

  Necessary, brush this group of strange spider a tier 2 talent skills vampire era is long out of date.

  Dragon month series: name the most common, the proud available, high AOE damage.

  Points 2 phase of the monomer is hurt.

  Selects a flash series: 1 layer - down additional damage.

  Killing sword series: ordinary brush this point 1 layer is available, PVP point layer 2 do not use defensive fighting skill, team need swordsmen one person responsible for frequent dual control, it is 3 layers are point out.

  Avoid full moon cut reinforcement: a compulsory, this talent is the lifeblood of swordsmen.

  Sword out talent 2 layers of reinforcement: required, this is one of the talent not swordsmen compulsory, core skills of swordsmen.

  Imperial sword protection: elective, premise is that if the team need you use far attack protection skills.

  Note: this set of talent is not suit for asura tower!

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