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Swordsman equipment target in Blade and Soul


  Swordsmen have very high very high request for all attributes. This is completely different with other professions. Other professions only pursue for simply one defensive attributes, but swordsman is in need of all.

  Damage: the comprehensive output level, the higher the better.

  Breakthrough: with or without calling, need to make sure that between 370 and 390, too much delay the development of other attributes, too low significantly reduced output.

  Comprehensive view under the condition of 380 is one of the best choice because in normal defense BOSS and have a call of high anti BOSS increase output effect is very obvious.

  Hit: due to hit the attribute update, more than 95% is qualified as a 98% hit effect is obvious. 100%+ hit is very easy for you to reach.

  Life: on the premise of maximizing output, the higher the better.

  Defense: cooperate with block properties through blocking skills and 100% reduction properties panel (accurate it is more than 98%)

  Block: cooperate with defense properties through blocking skills and 100% reduction properties panel (accurate it is more than 98%)

  Calculation: random block minus wounded + skill block extra minus + armor > 98%

  Avoidance: the guaranteed output and decrease block after injury, life value maximization, the higher the better.

  Pursuit of order: output capacity > 98% decrease injury > block > avoidance.

  Above are all the attributions a swordsman need to reach, if you not fit with the standard above, you’d better buy more blade & soul gold for better weapons and trigrams.

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