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Swordsman and boxer PVP and PVE ability analysis in Blade and Soul


  Swordsmen will probably become the most popular career.

  So let’s talk about swordsman PVE, swordsman in the instant in PVE damage is high, operation is inferior to the boxer, one of the tanks. Copy of ham career, as long as sharp and not afraid of no one wants you.

  PVP in short legs and long skills CD will take your life, no response ability is a big flaw. Not strong in PVP.

  The boxer

  0.5 seconds in PVE block let BOSS face you can only smile. Plus a variety of pressing skills, and the damage is also common. Skill is very domineering. Thigh coefficient is higher than the swordsman, but operation is difficult to swordsman.

  PVP in 0.5 seconds block is enough to make you a melee nightmare. Someone who is good at playing the boxer. Circle block you still try to not let you reply internal force, plus a variety of skills. Break protection, dizzy after 2 fire, you are residual. Once my spirit swordsman 20000 blood are hit to only 5000 by the boxer’ boxing.

  To the swordsman and the boxer, not only need you to buy more blade & soul gold to improve your equipments, but also need you to take more exercise to improve you skills.

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