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Suggestions about Blade & Soul Valentine's Day cards

Hello Blade and Soul,

Just to clarify ahead if you even though about Blade & Soul Valentine's Day cards. Event only give us 1heart/per event day. If you want to buy cheap Blade and Soul gold, BNSGoldSell is your best choice with instant delivery and big discount!

Buy Blade and Soul Gold

Because you say at news event ends at March 1? I was just wondering how your providing this Heart event reward to extent even reaching items in dragon express like example purple gem that cost 60 heart chocolate and other items in there too?

Because when we do the event we only get 1chocolate each each day. So counting Feb 8 and event ends March 1 its like only 21days = 21 chocolate. How on each are we even able to get up to 60hearts on just 21days? Least would would be great if event to do 1 time per day "blade and soulmate" gave us 3-4hearts chocolate per box that would reach over 60hearts giving chance to lil bit more to purchase other items below as well with the rest of the hearts.

And yes there is some bundles you can buy with 2-4hearts on F10. But what if people don’t have NC coin for event..so it should still be open and rewarding for everyone be it if you have NC coin or not.

Also even if you buy 1 of those 6 bundles F10 it can only be bought 1 time "Purchase has been exceeded". And total of it doesn’t even reach near 60hearts or more to able to get other items below as well.

But do wish even if people doesn't need to spend any NC coin is able to reach over 60 hearts even if they just done event 15-21times(before March1) because some people might not be able to able to be online some days and miss to do some event. So its good buffer to maybe get 4-6hearts per box.

Seeing as example 1st anniversary was very good event and people was able to get even more than 160coin to purchase other items too.

I wish you fix these concern or even at Wednesday maintenance.

Another issue about 1time only vidar 24man event.Shame we cant like do 24man vidar least 2times per week this way would help people learning the mechanics since its already to hard.If you make it TO hard for people to advance in the game. Then players itself will lose the interest on game and thus in means you lose costumers who like to play. So can be back draw. BTW wen google facebook+blade and soul.

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