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Some tips for players first to Blade and Soul


  At the first, do not rush to experience the game, take a look at the advice Blade soul gold will give you:

  1. Know the right time to do the things

  In Blade and Soul, you need to use wisdom to fight. Occupation is not a way to go in the end, such as summoner addition to weakness BOSS outside, but also manufacturing protective shield players. The swordsman in addition to attracting the hatred, but also remote the BOSS repression, you need to know when you should play.

  2. Do not underestimate the monster IQ

  Do not underestimate any enemy standing in front of you. Although it is user-friendly, but sometimes people head big game monster “treatment” and significantly better than the other games, in addition to all of them wearing a gorgeous appearance, not low IQ. Even highly intelligent AI system can evade your nirvana. If you start with enough weight, it also called the brothers together to beat you up, landing on the gray screen, but Blade soul gold gotten through to that ever.

  3. Dodge is very elegant, but to find a good landing point

  The dodge system is very good. Note, however, find a good foothold, Blade soul gold several times flying a cliff and helpless location resurrection keys, dodge is to force land need to be cautious.

  4. Like your career, and he is the strongest.

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