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Simple introduction of the character attributes in Blade and Soul



  About through this property, I think this can be heap or can not heap, if want to heap almost between 10 ~ 11%.


  How to say? players have played Blade soul gold, players will see that defense in Blade and Soul really seems to be no particular effect.


  Everybody is devoted for crit, however, I think we can ignore this property .


  It’s a very important attribute. Humanoid monster in the game, the higher the hit the less the miss situation, especially the present martial asura tower ultimate BOSS of asura, almost hit in the 107 ~ 108%, basically there will be no miss, minimum will heap to hit 105%.


  As to avoid this attributes, I thinks that in addition to eat their counterattack after boxer and assassin, other professional is not to pile it necessary, of course, if some players want to push also can push it.


  I think swordsman and force master needs to a certain value, the other classes can ignore it.

  Some attributes you can make up by the weapons, so if you want to buy Blade soul gold, items or just equipments, we can help you.

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