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Pros and cons of assassin stealth skill quiet step in detail


  There are four main points of quiet step:

  (1) CD is 8 seconds

  (2) The cast time is 0.5 seconds (that is after you press the Q key to move behind the enemy, it takes 0.5 seconds)

  (3) Attack distance is 3 meters

  (4) The effect is move to the other, invincible in the casting process, casting process (that is the 0.5 seconds you move behind the enemy ) resistance against will stealth for 6 seconds

  Quiet step, you first need a range of three meters in your target, so as long as you want to be attacked, remember must have been moments, press the Q key on the keyboard, will move to the target and stealth six seconds behind them. Because you step the cast time of 0.5 seconds, which passes.

  If you do not know how to hold the 0.5 seconds, here I give you a skill to grasp.

  Players ever played assassin, you attack the left mouse button once, the second under the action time is about 0.5 seconds, while the third under the moonlight beheaded, action time is about 1 second.

  Players never played assassin before, 0.5 seconds then hold you or find a stopwatch to grasp yourself, practice makes perfect.

  0.5 seconds to hold here, a grasp of 0.5 seconds, so you will be attacked in 0.1 0.4 seconds time step is that you use the you of the time, because the keyboard delay, so the time card in 0.4 seconds.

  How to grasp the 0.4 seconds, which requires you to the role of the attack rhythm has a very accurate grasp, also practice makes perfect, everyone playing assassin contact more in the future, can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study.

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