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Preparation before enter the spiral labyrinth


  Before enter the spiral labyrinth what players need to prepare, of course, if you are in a rolling team, you can skip here.

  1. The blue crystal restorative: restore vitality 6730 points in 10 seconds (reuse time 1 minute). Good crystal blue medicine: restore vitality8710 points in 10 seconds (reuse time 1 minute). Framing any copy you will need this stuff, don’t tell me that you haven’t eaten medicine before! Whether ordinary or good, restorative is definitely the more the better.

  2. Take various BUFF food which can improve properties, of course the best is the Wolf meat, because the Wolf meat steamed stuffed bun is the highest level of BUFF food!

  3. Black iron repair items: ranks 43 ~ 45 (need fire). Black iron emergency repair items: ranks 43 ~ 45 (instant repair) . To enter the copy, the repair items is also necessary! Spiral labyrinth, for example, once you in layer 3 is unable to come out any more, so emergency repair items become one of the items must be prepared.

  4. Labyrinth spiral scroll of resurrection: resurrect death teammates (reuse time 5 minutes). If you teammates in the process of challenge BOSS died, don’t waste time to meditate 30 seconds? Using the scroll of resurrection can be resurrected his teammates in 2 seconds!

  Above are the items you need to prepare for the copy. If you are lack of them, you’d better buy some Blade soul gold to prepare some, otherwise, it’s kind of waste time to enter a copy.

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