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Naryu country coins introduction in Blade and Soul


  Hero cards in all regions of Blade and Soul can be used to exchange legendary equips. They can meet the needs of leveling for most players due to lower obtaining difficulty and relatively good stats though they are not as good as rare equips in heroic instances.

  But their stats fail to meet the needs after players get level cap because there’s no good way for them to improve their equips steadily to challenge heroic instances (it’s very difficult for most players to challenge Po Hwa-Ran with magic stats equips or Su–wol plain hero equips). Meanwhile, it’s a waste to decompose eliminative weapons or sell them to merchants and there’s no good way to recycle them. The appearance of Naryu coin is to solve these issues.

  Way to obtain:

  1. Decompose weapons, bo–pae and accessories.

  Players will have certain chance to get coins by decomposing hero equips of Great Desert and Su–wol Plain or equips of senior instances. The higher quality the equip is, the higher chance will be to get silver coins. And you can only decompose specific level 45 rare equips to get gold coins.

  This is the way to get Naryu country coins, but to the Blade and Soul gold, you can get some from our website. Only a simpl click to the gold page, you will get the gold.

  2. Complete daily quests.

  There’s certain chance for daily quests in Great Desert and Su–wol Plain to reward iron coins or silver coins.

  3. Part of monsters or bosses will loot coins directly.

  Lower chance for monsters in Great Desert and Su–wol Plain to loot coins directly and higher chance for that in Stormy Sea Snake Supply Base and Tower of Mushin.


  Iron coins, silver coins and gold coins can all exchange equips of corresponding quality at the first floor of Sea Tree Village.

  You can also decompose equips obtained by exchanging and get coins of higher level.

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