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Most popular knead face character ranking list


  Kneading system, although not a Blade and Soul characteristic, but Blade and Soul pinch the link to do the best, we can even say nothing can not be pinched out, after adjust the subtle details, can you tweak the lifelike characters you want. When your character is your favorite anime characters or the stars, will this make you very exciting?

  So today, I will just to share some of the five most popular pinched data.

  1. Claude

  Playing final fantasy players should be very familiar with, Claude and Tina can be said to be the hottest characters in FF14, not only handsome but also strong, is one of the most popular character.

  2. Uber Terran man

  This character is like the eldar fall below is popped in official website, then just to promote NC company’s activities, but the back is open the floodgates.

  3. The eagle eye MMihawk

  one of the seven Wu Hai, is also the only one not the human who uses this devil fruit but power is still strong, and his popularity also firmly down the other seven Wu Hai tops the first.

  4. The eldar fall

  As said before, this image is activity launched in the figure, the player in the eyes of love to say greatly surprised the, numerous netizen beg for the eyes to knead a person data.

  5. Qin Jueyi

  As the biggest villain of sword spirit, Qin Jueyi off with ultra-high popularity, so to speak, even some otaku players will regard her as a goddess.Well, although the villain’s popularity is higher, generally but can exceed Qin Jueyi absolutely really few.

  So what’s your favorite character, do you want to make your character more interesting? If you are lack of Blade and Soul gold, remember to buy some form bnsgoldsell.com, we will provide you the cheapest price.

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