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Mainline story of Blade and Soul


  Long long ago, devildom emperor and inferno come to dominate the world.

  But in the four Gospel truthand under the concerted effort, they back to the dark side, and the spirits are heavenly sword seals emperor, prevent him back.

  All four for alkaloids as well as achieve immortality, but must be vigilant lest the emperor wanted to earth again with the inferno.

  Time is so short that tragic period in Chinese history even the sight is hard to find in the legend.

  Peace of the world is complicated because of the greed of people, in imperceptible in polluted gas to earth again.

  The four - one of four months apprentice Qin Xiyan she has been seduced by the emperor, and tried to assassinate the master flying month rob the heavenly sword. But the other four players killed by several of the world.

  In cloud became a kingdom in one thousand, the wind empire built before this period of time, a polluted gas again, Qin Xiyan was the emperor the resurrection. Qin Xiyan in order to make the magic seal demon emperor emperor raised in search of ghost heavenly sword, also launched to get rid of all the four program.

  As you know the whole story of Blade and Soul, do you want to have a try playing the game. Anyway, we still have to wait for some more days. Once the game on market, if you want to buy blade soul gold, you’d better store up our website address first.

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