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Main power faction in Blade and Soul


  In today, however, various factions appeared, the battle between good and evil is going more intense. Meet like-minded between factions allied, avoid meaningless fight between each other. Wulin decent meeting in wulin, while evil people who gathered in the muddy day teaching.

  Wulin will be muddy day teach is called the magic, and muddy day teach laughs at wulin au as hypocrites, gang, pedantic.

  On the chinese relations found throughout the central plains, records the history of ancient countries (give priority to south heaven kingdom). Through these records can understand imperial invasion of every community, and accept divine people fighting in the past. At the same time, the chinese relations is also a kind of world view tool. But the words on chinese relations are based on ancient prose written in the form, therefore only the experts can read.

  In one thousand before the cloud kingdom, south heaven country used to unify the southern mainland. Built south heaven kingdom, luo clan and liu clan pioneered martial arts foundation for this, they use powerful spells and weapons to unify all ethnic groups in four continents.

  In addition to martial arts and spell, multiplier, dragon vein and spirit stone methods currently used such as the use of civilization originated in the south heaven kingdom.

  From the current can be seen in the ruins and relics left by the south heaven kingdom of prosperous scene at that time. The 1000 - year - old country by demon emperor and invasion of the demons perish by overnight.

  Except south heaven country, Eastern mainland has the east true country, Buddha country in north island, the western continent of the shu kingdom are also the prosperity of contemporary countries.

  What do you think of this, do you want to have a look at the countries at once? Then keep focus on blade & soul gold, once the game open, we will tell you immediately.

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