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Lucky treasure chests to open legend weapons


  Lucky treasure chest in Blade and Soul mall sells for 500 point. Ordinary white box 100% can open secret medicine, there is a higher chance of blue treasure box, blue treasure chests have a chance out purple treasure chest, purple treasure box can out the black dragon treasure box, which can receive the task to get the legend weapon. Below is what can you get from the treasure chests:

  White treasure box: the arcanum, magic weapon materials and blue treasure box.

  Blue treasure chest: 100% chance to get 12 pieces of hexagonal hole, and the secret medicine, have a chance to get 295 weapons of 3 phases and purple treasure chest(blue treasure chest has a 30 minute cooldown, that is to say, blue treasure chest can open only once in half an hour).

  Purple treasure chest: 100% a hexagonal hole punch, have a chance to get 295 weapons relics stages of 4 and 5, 5 topaz, 200 blood damage 3 purple gem, and the black dragon treasure chest (purple treasure chest has 30 minutes cooldown).

  Black dragon treasure chest: can pick up the task to get the legends weapons.

  If you are lack of the blade & soul gold to get the chest, hurry refer to the gold page to buy some.

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