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Kungfu master mysterious necklace properties introduction


  Today introduce you an artifact, sincerity is the artifact, is the south China sea fleet of branch level 20 final BOSS drops necklace, the necklace every professional has basically, but proponents of the necklace is called dimensional chain, and gold hall players will also be able to give this necklace to upgrade, upgraded to strengthen the dimensional chain.

  So what is the properties of this necklace ?

  Well, there is only one attribute that is the maximum life increased by 20%. Someone may say, 20% not much actually.

  Then let’s see how much can it improve. The value of life when I without wear any equipment is 9072. Only wear the necklace, the life value is 10886.OK, just add the 1814, but don’t worry, to look down.

  Below is only equipped with trigrams (only god tower trigram), without the necklace for 20092. When equipped with trigrams, and equipment the necklace is 23524.

  Increased from here you can see the 3432, asura tower trigrams attribute more hit and crit, ascension of life value is not much, if is bloody shark port of trigrams and a maze trigrams, secure the ascension of the life value of the more than 4000.

  And if is now of PVP, is always more than 30000 of blood, and what about with the necklace?

  PS: this necklace will only improve basic life values and trigrams, the life value of the gain amplification of earrings ring life value is not calculated.

  So using trigrams to maintain health is the most cost-effective, and earrings and rings can use some crit reduction, so that in the duration field by proponents can stand more stable.

  Many equipments should be cooperated with other items, such as the equipment set and trigrams, if you are in need of blade & soul gold and other items, just let us know, we will try our best to serve you.

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