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Kungfu master and summoner PVP and PVE ability analysis in Blade and Soul


  Kungfu master is great for PVE general attack monster career. Copies of the fort, a copy of the most popular and most main DPS. And the output does not need too much technology in copy. Because in Blade and Soul this melee to hide a lot of skills, the remote as much skills are need to hide. Kungfu master also point to be proud, if the instantaneous power, no professional can be stronger than kungfu master.

  Kungfu master in the PVP is too brittle, in now the whole body blood defense proponents don’t want to broke out under the condition of the dead. And basic to beat your opposite a small plate will kneel. And control and potentially life-saving skills CD. Remove the control so the grass egg also has a lot of professional. So play kungfu master, had better give up PVP, with the same level device, it is difficult to win over others. Of course if your technology to suppress also can play.

  Summoner is good support in PVE. The cat T is now the hot job in the maze. Summoners damage is not high, but it is enough. It can assist teammates relatively universal positioning.

  In PVP, summoner is one of the strong professional. Summoners have sick people freeze, match with stun effect of gem, can make you depressed for a long time. Dandelion stealth skills also quite sick, and I can reset the 8 seconds to decide. Summoners, of course, want to play high segmentation need very skillful to the arena to play. After all you just a strong professional not OP.

  What’s more the summoner is very sprout, which attract lots of female players. What about you, which career do you like most? If you want to be in top in Blade and Soul gold, buy more Blade and Soul gold in advance and so that you won’t fall too far behind others.

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