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Inventory Blade and Soul cosplay in great spirit appeal


  South Korean developers NCSOFT, the operating high-quality goods MMORPG masterpiece “Blade and Soul” new COS wind blow, sexy, charming, cute, gentle, all kinds of gestures of enchanting.

  In this COS wind, the numerous well-known exposure COS according to latest succession with the newcomer coser, batch sexy and extremely realistic COS as high click rate, get high praise from all walks of life.

  Recently, Blade and Soul cosplay is hot and populaer, each coser in succession, the dragon, spirit, family, or artillery, Qin Yijue, spend non-mark, are coser various attitude plays out in a variety of image.

  The Blade and Soul rich in features of fashion, also let the coser have rich resources of performance, due to the coser image is different, have different temperament, this suddenly hot COS the wind let cosplay become more visual effect, more diverse and colorful.

  CJ site in 2012, famous coser COS of the eldar 14 summoner sprout out many, recently lifted the COS wind exposure is also well-known coser.

  South Korea famous “Team CSL” cosplay group together to battle, three beauty COS, respectively, the well-known female role south and soft, flying month offering Qin Yijue, new image COS photos just to light, will cause many Blade soul gold fan, hit continue to rise.

  COS in many coser to participate in online, let the Blade and Soul cosplay more rich and colorful.

  Do you also want to have try? Maybe someday you can also buy the clothing the coser wear in the game, just tell Blade soul gold, we will help you.

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