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How to Make Fast Blade and Soul Gold


It is quite important for all of players to know how to get fast Blade and Soul gold which can be used to buy outfit and other useful things for them to enjoy better in the game. Since it is of great significance to strengthen weapon and arms in Blade and Soul, Blade and Soul gold is especially useful. Below are some ways to make Blade and Soul gold!

Resell on the Auction House

Blade and Soul Auction House plays an important role in the game. On one hand, you can sell the crafts and materials that you acquired in dungeons to the market. On the other hand, you can resell items or weapons to other players across your region as the Auction House is cross-server.

In the end game, there are many materials and items you need to acquire, therefore it is of great importance to get as much Blade & Soul gold as you can. Or you can find a rare item and then sell it for a high profit, which is a good choice as you may exhaust in daily dungeons.

Grinding gold through Professions

Generally speaking, some professions can bring in money, but sometimes, they can’t. I want to divide this into two phases: in the early game and in the late game. You will see different value that professions show their value in these two phases.

For example, as food items are not in high demand in BNS, the food guild becomes not so important for players. However, since pottery materials is in need for completing the Wind Walking quest, pottery guild crafts are the items in high demand in the early game. Besides, bowls and refiners are very important for Evolution Stones guild in the late game.

Grinding gold through professions is really one of the fastest ways to make Blade and Soul gold. You can choose the professions and then craft materials.

Evolution Stones guild

This is one of the best end game profession. It focuses on collecting common and rare stones, and as it ties with the Forest keepers, it can crafting weapons and tools.

Merry Potters guild

Merry Potters can make refiners, jars, bowls, pickaxes and special items. Evolution stones guild and Merry Potters guild are complementary. Besides, you can sell Merry Potters crafts to lower-level players who need to finish the Wind Walking quest and to high-level players who need transformation stones.

The combination of Evolution Stones guild and the Merry Potters is very good as you can use them to craft your own materials, or exchange some money on the marketplace. Though some professions can benefit from gold making, it is not wise to choose a profession based on money making as it is may be not worth for devoting much time and effort and useless for additional rewards.

If you are bored or tired of grinding gold in the game, you can buy Blade and Soul gold from BNSGoldSell, which is a reliable Blade and Soul gold store with fast and safe transaction, and it is quite cheap!

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