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How to make Blade and Soul gold on soulstone plains

This is a guide to introduce some ways to make Blade and Soul gold on Soulstone Plains in Blade & Soul.

If you really want to make Blade and Soul gold first, you gotta find yourself a team with a Warlock. Warlocks can buff you up. You can get yourself an assassin, because they can do good damage. Get yourself a small team from a Warlock, an Assassin. They can buff you up. Then you need to have yourself some gear because if you do more damage, you can get yourself more procedures. The less prestige points that you get, the less money will get. How do you get money with the prestige points. You need to get yourself an ascendant part if you gotta send, you can get up to 100 prestige points in one go. And you can get yourself the sky pedal bundle. If you get the soulstone playing charm, you can get yourself up to 300 which gets you 20 to 30 soul stones.

Here is a special master you need kill this boss. It was spawned every 10 minutes. So after the driller actually comes up, they will spawn. You need to move your ass up and you need to be doing a lot of damage. Make sure that if you have yourself the chance buff up and do the maximum damage that you possibly can. If you are lucky, at some point, you can get yourself whatever you need. So this time around I am going for 100 points and then having them in because I started too late. If you are lucky, you can get yourself more.

A small way to make some small extra procedures is killing small faction master. Take this time because desponding itself will not be all that much. So that is a way to get extra procedures. Also if you are in a pretty much empty channel, you can use these things that give about 10 procedures.

At every 10 minutes on far back, as you can see they are spawning. If you don’t run fast enough, you won’t be getting as much prestige points. You can get up to hold. The luxury of being an Assassin. You can use the miners to get yourself some major points. Also if you are in an empty channel, there is also a possibility for this place to hold some extras.

At the mining stage, what you can do is to put them differently. So the waist consists of ten minutes. Each 10 minutes they will hold two pigs, one trailer and one special master. At this part, we did on Pig and we need to get another pig driller and then the special masters. As for the drops, the pigs they will give you only faction insignias and soul shield.

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