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How to make Blade and Soul Gold in Blade &Soul

This is a guide to teach how to make Blade and Soul Gold. You can find there are quite a lot of places in game for you to make free Blade and Blade gold for different profession.

Hall of Gold: mainly craft gem bags. This method is available for well training your main character. As you will not check all of your materials in AH at all times, it costs no stone in crafting gem bags. You’d better sell them after finish crafting. For the first try, you need invest 200 gold.

Pottery Shop: almost all professions in Blade and Soul need materials crafted here. It takes 60 BNS gold to buy bag extension slot and the quest scroll. You should learn how to craft hoe and bowl to gather at early stage as it saves BNS gold. Once you have learned bag explanation slot, you can complete 9 Zhang quests which has high demand.

Iron Weapon Workshop: what you need to do is to repair hammers. You don’t need to buy Blade and Soul Gold in this way and you can make money here. First of all, you need to learn hammer repairing. Particularly, at level 16-20 and level 36-39 you can earn quite a lot. Switch to craft once you can’t gain exp from it.

Tai Shang School: this is a place where there are many craft bo-pae composition card. For a player with level cap, you just need to spend less than 40 Blade and Soul Gold. If you are skilled players, it may cost no Blade and Soul buy Gold for crafting 8 Zhang, 9 Zhang and bag explanation slot. Later, you need to craft Ming Jiang composition. Also, you can make some bo-pae composition card to meet the market.

Clan of Fine Taste: this is the place where you can make steamed buns or Dragon-Phoenix soup. This doesn’t mean you need to choose this profession. You just need to make steamed buns here and make some advanced materials as possible as you can.

Also, you can choose a class that has AOE skill such as Destroyer, force Master and Lyn blade master. Then pull all monsters to the end of dungeon and kill them together. When your health is under 50%, use potion of healing. It almost costs a potion each time.

There are many yellow brass weapons in the spoils where you can feed your own weapon. It cost 1 copper each time to feed yellow weapons, which is the lowest price in Blade & Soul. Then sell them in the Auction House for about 5 copper Blade and soul gold each. 

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