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How to defeat the ice boss without injury


  First assassin away jump attack 2 times after the boxer block (point out Uramon), and then attack frequency is once every attack file 3 times (normal attack, just hit the bleeding effect), the BOSS to you behind you back right away with block, and then continued to attack 3 files at a time.

  If you see BOSS hand light has been used in the door (block) let BOSS use after 3 combo, over and over again the above attack frequency (swordsman is the same), when the BOSS enlarge recruit, hands glow force power when ready, then Q and E, with the invincible invincible effect finally escaped.

  Note that he will use the row twice, once didn’t immediately in the second, so is to use all skills to hide, swordsman is the same, and then repeated the process above, using the appropriate skill is can not hurt pass. It doesn’t matter if you are frozen, kungfu master has a talent with dragon which can solve your frozen status.

  With the knowledge of the boss’s methods, you can defeat the boss easier. Of course, if you have enough blade & soul gold, you can buy the top equipment, which devotes a lot when you fight with the boss.

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