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How to deal with the ultimate big recruit


  Method 1: boxing dance invincible status can be offset directly. But if the boss put the second boxing dance CD is not good, will have to choose other solution.

  Method 2: this is the method I use the most, blasting gas ran away, and then burst out gas quickly ran to him, and then calculate good time Q or E, as long as put 1, invincible plus 1 seconds, before the boss can stop 3 knives, and finally a knife block off directly. This method skillfully use words, all big boss can be called torture.

  Method 3: QE and boxing dance in CD? Blasting gas doesn’t run away again to run to the front? The only method is drink invulnerability potion.

  Method 4: I not use this way too much, just when the boss was violent continuous once hid away five big time used, is the SS + Z.

  Anyway, this 4 is about two seconds, according to the situation, various invincible combination forms.

  If still not quite understand this, you can ask blade & soul gold for help.

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