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Force master PVP and PVE ability analysis in Blade and Soul


  The most objective analysis of PVE and PVP ability for everyone. Blade and Soul career exactly how to get equilibrium, each profession in PVE and PVP positioning must have been many haven’t selected professional gamers how to focus. But want to know all professional, bring under the analysis of the players have all graduated from professional, who only played single career more than a voice.

  First of all look at force master

  Force master for PVE the main control professional, as long as you get stuck knife, the output is very strong.

  But you don’t forget, card knife is not as simple as you think, you are perfected wooden card knife, with a mobile BOSS and also need to hide to BOSS skills are two different things, and card knife hand acid too easily. Copy status probably only line to 3 line, and similar with the status of spirit swordsman.

  If you have any demand for a copy, the first is a boxer, and then is swordsman, kungfu master, summoner, an assassin, and the last is the force master. And of course spirit swordsman help you temporarily. But force master general attack the little monster ability at ordinary times is not black.

  Force master PVP is not bad, can resist and heal itself, but rather than boxer and assassin OP, it’s not that good. Boxer and assassin of the same technology level, no pressure to hit the force master.

  Although resistant to heals itself, but others can rely on the kite to play with you. The assassin can easily play you to death. After you hit the gold medal. You will see its pain and weakness in PVP.

  To the other professional, Blade soul gold will share you later, keep focus on us, and you can buy more Blade soul gold here.

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