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Fast Blade and Soul Warlock Leveling Guide

As a new class in Blade and Soul, Warlock get widely popular among players. Warlock can make the output to maximize. Except for their strong firepower, they can summon to supply strong attack complementary capabilities to teammate in dungeon. However, when under the strong attack, sacrificed itself is defense ability, and the weak physical also become the warlock weakness in the game, therefore, the warlock is quite important in a team.

If you are beginners of Blade and Soul, Warlock is a good choice as your class as you can get new Blade and Soul Temptation Consume which allow your new character reaches level 45 before March 23.

Main story quest: Chapter 16: The Highland Necrpolis in blade & soul The Highland Necrpolis map.

Find a item called Retrieve the Snapjaw Sage’s Staff, you can open it and unlimited farming mobs in here to upgrade. If you want to buy Blade and Soul gold, BNSGoldSell is your best choice!


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