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Each professional characteristics and the positions in copy


  First of all is the most popular player career, also is the professional which most players will choose.


  Swordsman is a cool career, all kinds of handsome skills, high burst damage. Actually the swordsman is a very powerful though it is very simple, but there are few can play to the fine. Swordsman in my heart actually is the best to single brush, of course this depends on the operation of the players. Swordsman in the copy, in general as the main or deputy tank, T and ability but swordsman get outbreak very cool.


  The boxer is high operating player preferred! Boxer test operation is not false, for boxer has no group skills, blocking skills nor swordsman 2.5 seconds so go against, control is not good as force master, but boxer PK is absolutely great! Operation is also very important in copy, easy to hang, if play good boxer is very popular in copy. The boxer in copy general control and repression other career.


  High operating players can choose, assassins to tell the truth in the eyes of my is their wretched the nausea. PK no words to say, avatars and flash bang their stealth. But the assassin requirements for operating upper the boxer. Play a good assassin is not easy.

  Kungfu master

  Kungfu master is preferred by someone who like peace. Because the kungfu master really can’t PK. But in the copy is very to force! Generally act as dealers in copy.


  Women players will first choose the moe, call the cat, can dress cute cat change appearance. PK is also very good, can let cat in copy tank, you remote play to cats, and usually call for to pull mobs, and output.

  Force master

  Various muscles and a big axe, is incredibly proud. PK and its operation is simple, but it’s safe to say the most popular professional in copy, various control and heal skills, in the eyes of BOSS is dozen deathless of jack Bauer.

  The above content is personal opinion for reference only. More information about Blade and Soul gold, keep force on bnsgoldsell.com.

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