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Detail introduction of the story of Blade and Soul (2)


  09 Origin of the Darkness (Horn Tianqiao Theme)

  Taro Iwashiro wrote three pieces of war theme. This one is the best. You can find this piece can be divided into three parts, which is very common in composing.

  10 Cheerful Fesitval (Shin Leong Theme)

  11 Black Pirates (Chun Theme)

  12 Pray of the Heretic Zealots (Samagyotema Theme)

  13 Bloody Battle (Battle Theme)

  14 Rising Empire (Wind Empire Theme)

  A thousand-year peace is coming to an end. The fledgling Wind Empire strives to overthrow the fading Stratus Empire and unite the four continents in a new era of equality--albeit an equality enforced by military might. We can feel a time of change and turbulence from this part.

  15 The Flag at Dusk (Cloud Empire Theme)

  16 Heroes in Advance (Battle Theme)

  17 Endless Chase (Battle Theme)

  18 Final Conflict (Dungeon Theme)

  19 Scar of the Black Flower (So Yeon Jin Theme)

  20 The Pot Thieves (Han’ari Thieves Theme)

  21 Shadow in the Sunset (Outro)

  Above are all the music of Blade and Soul, if you want to buy blade soul gold, remember to store up our website www.bnsgoldsell.com, we not only have the latest game news, but also have the cheapest gold.

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