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Detail introduction of the story of Blade and Soul (1)


  Story is the name of the Blade and Soul original soundtrack album. If you are interested in music, you can search for them and listen to them. It worth your listening.

  01 Blade and Soul (Intro)

  This one is for login screen, very perfect one showing the mysterious atmosphere of oriental world in Blade and Soul.

  02 Fly Into the Sky (Theme Update)

  This piece will play right after you learn flight. It is so inspiring.

  03 Song Of The Forest (World Theme)

  This gentle music brings you into a natural and harmonious world.

  04 Pride for the sword (Jin Theme)

  The tone of this piece is from low to high, showing the Jin’s spirit of perseverance.

  05 Descendant of the Dragon (Gon Theme)

  Tall and strong, the Gon are as tenacious and destructive as their ancient dragon forebears. Although distrusted and even feared by strangers, a Gon is a fierce friend and a dependable ally. The first half of this part show the powerful strength of Gon and the second half is to show the tragedy of this race.

  06 The Spirit of the Petal (Kun Theme)

  The mysterious Kun owe their natural beauty, grace, and dignity to the mighty Phoenix. Devotees of order and harmony, this all-female race favor the natural world over the discord of civilized life.

  07 Little Shepherd (Lyn Theme)

  You can tell the difference of this one with other three theme pieces. Melody is very delightful and merry, which is very suitable for Lyn race. The diminutive Lyn may appear cute and harmless, but they have highly-tuned senses that make them born survivors, and also grant them the ability to see and converse with the spirits. Their sweet demeanor belies their ability, however, and it’s never a good idea to underestimate a Lyn.

  08 Resolution of the White (Wind Empire Theme)

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