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Detail introduction of the hatred system in Blade and Soul (2)


  Following the last passage, Detail introduction of the hatred system in Blade and Soul (1), there is also a kind of situation is the instant damage is too big, it will also pull the BOSS hatred, such as force master card knife, given its standing pile output more than 10 seconds time, basically, hatred go directly to the force master.

  Once had a friend playing kungfu master in teammates open half minutes left to play, the hatred within 10 seconds just turned to him, and he just instantaneous ignition lotus palms, ice coupled with dragon, and then a hash of OT.

  Summarize the Blade and Soul hatred system of BOSS when fighting:

  1. The boxer block, summoner curl up, assassin incidental skills like the thorn in the heart of hatred.

  2. Some BOSS will use clear hatred skills, players need to pay attention to.

  3. Try to smooth output and output a lot of damage is not increase.

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