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Detail introduction of the hatred system in Blade and Soul (1)


  In Blade and Soul, there is no clear tank career, and there is no cure, but every professional has avoid injury or defense skill, then the meaning of the NC is very obvious, any professional can do T, and any professional can pull BOSS hate, provided chance for teammates to output.

  But the problem also came out, how to rob to hatred, this is not to let the dealers to pull hatred, but to make tanks better understand BOSS hatred system.

  Some professional skills is with hatred, such as boxer block, summoner curl up, assassin hunt heart and so on, and hate of this kind of skills is pretty high, so for now the boxer is essentially tanks in copy.

  As many BOSS bring clear hatred skills, such as blood wave dragon head red blue shark bay on the player’s body twist ass, again for instance red-violet cemetery No.2 BOSS top knee, hit to clear hatred.

  Besides of the above two cases, who has the biggest harm to BOSS, BOSS’s hatred is on who.

  So much in this passage, more will be shared in the next one, keep focus on blade & soul gold, we will show you all the latest new about the game, and not forget to buy blade & soul gold. Wish you good day.

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