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Comments about Blade & Soul closed beta

At Blade & Soul closed beta, I did notice a lot of things that felt a little off in my own opinion of course. Now I don’t know if some of these are already changed by now.

As true fan just need to really express this feelings to comment. As NCsoft always welcome constructive feedback. I write this and hope there will be improvements for this game. To buy Blade and Soul Gold, BNSGoldSell can provide cheapest BNS gold!

Now I don’t know if this just people getting used to because some already played chinese/Jap/Kor version that it makes them feel like more 'stick to the original' version kind of audio. The thing is is there an option for people to switch on those audio in game whenever they want or be option to use and audio patch that sync and are consistent which ever audio patch you use? Be it English or other languages.Because having some of Asian audio also seems to suits like game of martial arts environment true to its nature. Some can feel more related to those audio in scenes. Could also be 1 time payment option to unlock those audio which also gives some earning for those voice actors who worked hard to sync and implement voice acting through out the game. Just an opinion. Be it other language audio or not.

But when it comes to English audio. I really do hope you made it really good as both quality(voice acting) and feeling (situations in game) to avoid half-assed/rushed. Like some of the great animation(dragon ball etc. related to martial arts) dubbed but sound so good suited in the scenes.

And then about English sub. Seeing some of it back then felt like even fan English patch creator like anazami did even a much greater job. Because some of NPC voiced didn’t really feel in sync within games true nature...and some situation could sound a bit awkward (like the main villian or tragic death scenes) to just hear or reading it.

Hope to feel similar sub och even much better than anazami. In the end all of these are kinda important as it connects to ingame experience overall story and more. Best thing with game that are patchable is that it can always be an ongoing improvement anytime.

I do hope maybe all of this can be experienced at release. You did really well in ongoing social media and such to bring fans up to date. Blade and soul is a really good game with great potential, be it came long time ago. Game still has its huge sparks today and will be like that for long time even now. So i really wish you the best and hope for great and breathtaking release. Technical stuff to consider which you may already have. As releasing it on huge area like NA/EU invite a lot of players and hope your ready for it and optimized it all ready at your end. There might be some up and down like Wildstar got released. Hopefully be addressed and remain with extreme stability always, long term.-

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